Retail and Shop Display

Window advertising representation and the characteristics of the main window displays advertisements is set on the street facade, glass window to the distribution of goods Division of the carriageway of classification, purposefully make a selection, the clever arts expertise and ideas carefully layout on the basis of goods in order to achieve rich decoration and beauty of aesthetic effect, which is designed to publicize and promote the sales of goods.   


    Compared with other similar, the main characteristics of the window advertising is true.It to the main body of the commodity itself, the most visually displaying merchandise, communicated to the consumer for image.To act as a commodity in the course of the image of the window advertising has both a direct feature, consumers perceive the merchandise is not required to link to a more instructions can be applied to cognition.


From the commercial point of view of psychological barriers, window ads will be operated by important commodity neatly together, form a group rich taste commodity group which will enable consumers to purchase that produces a.Window advertising can cause consumers attention and stimulate consumer interest consumer desire to enhance consumer confidence.   


    In addition, the window advertising can also be timely publicity to educate the consumer goods to expand sales, to improve the image of the marketplace.