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Outdoor advertising is with a long history of advertising media from simple visitors to sharpen your technology and a large quantity of creative, outdoor advertising is gradually being favored for our advertisers; according to Nielsen 2008 second quarter media survey results show that 77% of consumers in the last 7 days have seen their outdoor advertising, second only to TV media contact rate, no wonder outdoor advertising in communication role play an increasingly important role.

In addition, to provide advertising campaign results maximised, usually in the budget to the availability of, advertisers wished for a variety of different media, Wang encircling the target consumers whether watch TV at home, or the bus to work in the morning, working time, Internet access, listening to the radio hours take the elevator or take MRT, consumers have the opportunity to see all kinds of advertising; and outdoor advertising in contact with the way consumers are several options available, it is also a popular outdoor advertising day.

A creative design of outdoor advertising, in addition to let audiences feel impressed with the surroundings, enhance, through images, and text links to product information, all have an effect in the affected consumers purchase decision what is meant by outdoor advertising? so-called outdoor advertising refers to the outdoor areas and Visual communication communication infractions, from traditional billboards to technological LCD camp Lightboxes from fixed to mobile transport carrier, outdoor advertising contains species style diverse, effective creative.

Outdoor advertising features and value

As the good reputation and image of the construction of Outdoor advertising for a single message, communication is the most effective communication with the media, or you can therefore improve product visibility.
In addition, the construction of outdoor advertising can brand image. For example, a corporate sponsorship, if in the course of the event on the brand, there will be a certain degree of effectiveness.

to stimulate sales
Outdoor advertising in the road leading to the Mall, or in the marketplace, the outdoor advertising with prompt consumers to purchase features to enhance sales.

it touches the coverage
Outdoor advertising in the traffic flow with heavy, as 1, 24 hours a day for one month, a 30-day exposure can result in contact with the majority of the consumers or the cumulative quite high frequency; if the advertisement is transport advertising such as bus advertising, it may be because of a bus which touch on the mobility of people and all community.

are designed for specific regions and ethnic groups do marketing
If it is a regional marketing, outdoor advertising is a good choice of media, such as than national television and other media requires less advertising budget; in addition, watch TV for less, or living busy elite, ethnic group, outdoor advertising is also in contact with these people good media choices.

How do I make outdoor advertising?

simple design and publication of principles!
simple message outdoor advertising audience who mostly in a State that is moved, to them, an advertising message read just a few seconds, so outdoor advertising in need is a more simple presentation and expressive techniques, but high frequency and repeated exposure can still guarantee the merchandise is being valid receive; usually outdoor advertising only need a main concepts to the outdoor advertising Association of the United States (the recommended maximum OAAA) you only use a and three Visual elements on advertising, advertisers should be thinking about what they want to deliver to consumers' most important messages? too much extra information and picture would confuse the audience has no way to understand the true meaning of advertising.

In addition, outdoor advertising on the choice of colours may be in contrast, vivid colors to attract consumers to eyes, clearly illustrates the advertisement.

creation of outdoor advertising in information
everywhere today, how to make outdoor advertising in like apart? outdoor advertising Association of America, in General, creative, have a sense of beauty, or humor of outdoor advertising to attract the attention of the audience, consumers ' lands is raised a smile at the same time increase the memory of the advertisement.

a suitable site
successful outdoor advertising is the right message at the right time, passed to the appropriate person. Therefore, the choice of location, on outdoor advertising is very important, not only to selected in population or traffic flow stops, and the region's population required Wang with a target of demographic characteristics (such as gender, age, etc.).

If you have a highway next to the outdoor advertising spots and community under points to choose from, and two points on a daily basis as much of the population flow, you typically select Highway next to the outdoor advertising point advertisements, so a month you can then come into contact with people who are more heterogeneity, and not only the community of fixtures population.

Moreover, the publication of outdoor advertising series before the site at a time to see the advertisement will be building or road tree blocks out-of-sight? or the locations too suddenly, motorists who don't have enough time to finish all the advertisement.

Even if no text, locals saw it, that is to the Target advertisements.

Knot on outdoor advertising, usually regarded as complementary media with other major media, communication with consumers do.In the case of outdoor advertising and TV that can be used in television commercials bottom rail, continue advertising campaign theme; and radio advertising, offers drivers some broadcasting cannot provide a visual image.

Especially creative outdoor advertising, if between consumers, or raise media attention, its advertising will be significantly larger than the actual media investment cost.