Transportation Media

Transportation Media


Minibus is an excellent advertising medium for businesses because of its high coverage. Minibuses can reach the majority of places in Hong Kong and travel along a fixed route every day. By choosing the targeted regions, the promotional messages can be effectively delivered throughout the region, which catches the attention of the public. Therefore, minibus has been widely chosen as a perfect advertising medium, traveling everywhere as a mobile billboard.




We provide one-stop service which includes graphic design, printing, installation, disassembly and maintenance. Advertisement can be revised under client’s need. When the material is ready, our workmen will complete installing overnight and modify the product if necessary. The daily advertising fee starts at $50.


High coverage and sustained exposure

Minibuses travel for over 10 hours a day, while some are even available for 24 hours. Minibuses travel frequently all over Hong Kong, covering residential areas, commercial areas, shopping malls, and some places that are unreachable by buses. While running in streets and queuing at terminals, minibuses can spread the promotional messages to every corner, to everyone including passengers, drivers and pedestrians.


To the right people

Choosing the targeted region essentially means promoting to the targeted consumers. As the advertisement can be specifically delivered to potential consumers, it is largely beneficial to company’s business development. If several minibuses are used on the same route, this can be a powerful and attractive advertising team. Especially when minibuses are queuing at terminal or running in streets, the advertising effect will be very impressive, which helps build a strong brand image.